Hello friends, my name is Aaron from guan jun crafts.

On the right is a product introduction from our most beautiful customer! After-sale product quality! We are adhering to quality first from beginning to end! The customer's second direction! Strict quality control has won the appreciation of customers all over the world! The high praise is the basis of our good quality! We very much hope to cooperate with you for a long time!
The following are our advantages:
We are a paint factory with 9 years of history. We have approximately 100,0000 pictures for you to choose from. I have the photo you want.
1: We produce printed paintings, hand paintings, canvas printing, DIY paintings, diamond paintings, led light paintings, bronzing and other crafts. If you need catalogs of different styles: abstract, character, modern, popular, retro, etc., I can add the catalog sent to you. There are many options for catalog pictures, and they are all popular pictures recently.
2: We support you to provide customized pictures. We can take any picture. Because our factory is a guarantee of strength.
3: I will give you the lowest price. This is my promise to every customer!
4: The production cycle is very short. In about 7 to 15 days. The production time of 1,000 pieces is 7 days.
5: Support frameless paintings, framed paintings, crystal porcelain art paintings, bronzing craft paintings, hotel home decoration paintings, etc.
6: If you want to order, you can contact me. As long as you place an order, you can become our member, get free samples, and provide many gifts for the next order.
7: If you are interested in me! You can leave me a message! Looking forward to your reply!